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Addiction is complicated. It isn’t just about drinking or using; there are countless other factors involved. Without identifying and addressing the trauma and other things that led to the addictive behavior, it’s all but impossible for you to treat and manage your addiction in the long term.

At JLM, we don’t treat addiction. We work with people faced with addiction to help them decide how to manage their situation. We offer compassionate support for people affected by addiction, without judgement. We are here for you.

Addiction Counseling from Just Love More

Addiction Counseling

We’re here to help you get to the root of your addictive behaviors and learn to manage them.

Recovery Coaching from Just Love More

Recovery Coaching

Ready to take your recovery to the next level? Coaching can help you identify and get past what’s blocking you.

Anger Management Classes from Just Love More

Anger Management

We offer comprehensive group and 1-on-1 anger management sessions based on your needs.

First Aid and CPR Training from Just Love More

First Aid & CPR Training

There is nothing more empowering than having the skills and knowledge to help save a life in an emergency.

Narcan Training from Just Love More

Narcan Training

Get trained on how to recognize the signs and and reverse an opioid overdose with naloxone.

EFT Therapy

EFT is an evidence-based therapeutic process proven to help with everything from anxiety to depression.

On Grief

Grief is a hard enough space to navigate without adding self-blame and other sabotaging thoughts to the mix

Three Questions

Ask yourself these questions when anything comes up that triggers anger, defense, or other strong emotional responses.

Michael NolanExecutive Director

Taj founded MOBBB- Mothers of Black and Brown Babies in 2006, which evolved into the nonprofit Real Whole, Inc. and the Real Whole House; a community holistic health center, bed and breakfast, birth and postpartum center.

In addition to her community work, jTaj is also a career paramedic Captain with a major metropolitan public safety department, a critical and trauma care Paramedic for the number one trauma hospital in the state, a civil service member in Atlanta; and a blue-collar, working-class champion.

Dr. Taj Anwar BaollChief Medical Officer
Zak ToporChief Financial Officer